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I’m Angie Seaman. I reside in Naples, Florida and shoot all over the South Florida area. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 19 years now. We have three beautiful children ages 13, 9, and 2. I began this photography journey full time five years ago after a lifetime love affair with cameras. It has since become my heART and my passion.

My focus is on high school seniors and models but I also shoot families, newborns, do corporate work and shoot editorial spreads for magazines here in the Southwest Florida area. I once heard someone say that photographers specialize in “emotion” so that has always been my tag line. No matter what genre I’m shooting each day, I’m specializing in emotion.

I love all things Italian, anything drenched in chocolate, and rich, golden hour, sunlight. Although I’m a beach girl through and through, my heart is home to Indiana where I’m a born and raised “Hoosier.” I detest cold weather and especially snow so sugaring my toes in the sand is more up my alley. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lead foot. “Hate” is a big, big word. I rarely use it. Loyalty is a HUGE deal to me. I’m a neat freak. Everything has its place. Everything! My local Starbucks is my B/F/F. Needless to say, my husband isn’t overly fond of my B/F/F. I strive to find color in everything in life. I work hard to make sure my images reflect that trait as well. I’m obsessed with my camera. It’s truly an appendage of me. Without it, I’m lost in every sense of the word.

If you could only bring FIVE things to a newborn session, what would they be?

1) Space heater or heating pad
2) Baby wipes for accidents, because we all know that they have lots of those
3) A blanket or wrap for swaddling
4) The newborn nest for positioning
5) Blanket fabric drop for backdrop










The artist: Angie Seaman
The biz: Angie Seaman Photography
The location: Naples FL
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  1. Kirsten Price – How precious, April You did an awoseme job! The artwork is just as beautiful as the artist! I hope Mom will be able to share more of your work for everyone to see. :o) !!!

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