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About Amy:
My Name Is Amy, and I am a San Diego based Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer. I LOVE, LOVE photographing people and two people in love is even better. I love to capture real, raw + natural moments. I am a mother of twins, and I live for adventure and making memories with the people I love. Day Trips, palm trees, delicious food, and good conversation is a good day to me!

Amy, on shooting in direct sunlight:
As a photographer, it is always fun to try something new, and I really enjoy enjoy shooting in direct sunlight. I have a handful of images that are my absolute favorites, and they are all done in high, direct sunlight. When photographing weddings, you do not always have the opportunity to have what is considered the “best” lighting. You are showing up on their day and for the most part, have to work around their timeline. Many times, bride + groom pictures have to be taken in not-so-ideal light situations.

Be creative and step outside the box every now and again. Most people would never think to shoot in bright, direct sunlight. You can use that sunlight to your advantage and get a different type of look to your images.

A few tips to try. Don’t have them look directly into the camera with full sun on their faces. They can put sunglasses on, as shown in some of these images, so that the sun will not affect their eyes. Another trick is to tell them to close their eyes for a minute, think of something funny, and then you tell them to open their eyes. They usually laugh and look directly into the camera. This looks great and works every time! Last, always keep your clients moving. This works well in high sun situations, so they are not just sitting there posing directly with their faces towards the sun.

Cole + Marshall
Backyard Temecula Wedding






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The artist: Amy Bjornson
The biz: Amy Lynn Photography
The location: San Diego, California
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