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Welcome to Amanda Custer! We absolutely love her approach on less is more. She writes about getting it right straight out of camera and just using a few very small tweaks in Photoshop. Read on! Enjoy!




When I dream up a newborn session, I don’t dream in ruffles, yellow baskets, or big flowered head bands. I don’t dream in pink, blue, orange or yellow. When I envision a newborn session my first thought is “less is more”. Less distracting colors, less posing, less bright lights, less props. From start to finish I focus on the mother and baby, how they interact with each other, and how I can accentuate their love. I focus on the babies unique details and how deep shadows work with the extra diffused natural light. I watch how the directional light falls softly on the babies delicate features. Each baby is different and certain features look better at different angles therefore I don’t use a back drop so that I have freedom to rotate the bean bag towards the light at any given angle. Embracing my shadows, and neutral tones while keeping a low exposure is key to the emotional textured images I represent.

Post processing is just as simple. All of my work is hand edited and does not consist of any actions. Its easy to create a gorgeous piece of artwork without covering your image in actions. I edit everything in Photoshop and often first open up the image in camera raw to warm up the image and create a very soft S curve to accentuate the shadows and create more dimension, from there I open up in photoshop, I soften up skin with a gaussian blur brush I created and finish with a very subtle matte look. Thats it! Keeping it simple is key! Seriously!

The beauty of your image begins from the first click of your camera. Getting it right in your camera is key to creating beautiful art. Practice with low apertures and creative angles to create a creamy and moving look. Tell a story with your images, try to focus on more than the baby as a whole, but what makes this baby so beautifully unique and different from all of the other babies you have photographed. From the dimples in her knees, to the curls in her toes, help your clients see how truly incredible it is that they created such a unique and gorgeous individual.






The artist: Amanda Custer
The biz: Amanda Custer Photography
The location: Madison, Nebraska
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3 thoughts on “Amanda Custer – Featured Photographer

  1. Your work is exquisite, absolutely beautiful and flawless. You capture something special, its not just a picture, but the feeling it presents, the rawness of it.
    Congrats on your work, BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. thank you for this post. i’ve only started using actions up until recently and only use them for personal photos. it seems like everywhere you look lately its actions, headbands, baskets and props. facebook and social media is saturated with the same types of images, over and over again… nothing new. i try to keep all shots for my clients as clean and as minimal as possible, it lends to a more classic, organic image in my opinion. your work is stunning and has such depth. hats off to you for staying true to the image and using minimal processing.

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