About Us


Our mission at Mozi Magazine is to help photographers find their unique vision and style, improve their craft, and fully discover the joy of photography.

Meet Our Team

Brittni Schroeder

Co-Founder, President, and Editor in Chief

Debutante meets soccer mom. Chica can shop for 4 hours in 3-inch heels and down a pound of Tootsie Rolls…all before lunch! After years of dress up and mad parties she was destined to style and photograph seniors. When not shooting, you’ll find Brittni with taco-in-hand on the Mexican border of El Paso.

Travis Smith

Co-Founder, VP of Publishing and Media

Travis is a retired ninja master who, after defeating the Dread Pirate Roberts, seeks to find an inner zen through photography. Wait, what the…I think I just nodded off. Travis is a photographer. And a dad. And loves movies and travel and ice-cream and dreams of one day becoming a ninja master.

Jean Smith

VP of Marketing and Social Media

A lifestyle and commercial photographer, Jean lives in Michigan with the guy to the left (I know, right?!). Her full time job is being a mom to four crazy boys, and in her spare time she daydreams of travel, chocolate, and mastering the ever elusive balance between family, work, and of course, play!